Why all of these Micro-Locations?

Think of it as 2 dimensional instead of just 1 dimension.

Let’s say that you’re located at 101 Main Street, Lena, IL. That’s where you do business and most likely, that’s the only location where you ever even look at stats from Google. And let’s imagine that you’re Number 1 there.

Great, there’s nothing more that can be done — or so you think.

You may even have the stats to show improvement:

You’re absolutely tickled to death! But now, let’s look at the true picture:

This is a truer picture. Right in front of your location, you’re number one and showing right at the top in the Google 3 pack.

Google 3 Pack

That’s great! But can you sustain your business with a customer draw only a few blocks away from your business location?

Probably not.

This is the way the Google algorithm works. It actually takes into consideration where the searcher is located and feeds them the BEST information for them. This means that if someone searches for the very same search term a mile from your location, that potential customer gets a completely different result.

Our goal is to turn all of these higher numbered Micro-Locations into a Number 1. We do this by Geo-Tagging the updates we perform to your Google My Business listing.

It’s a gradual project that takes steady and consistent feeding of the Google “Monster”.

Then in time, your Micro-Locations map will look more like this:

This means that in all of these Micro-Locations, when a searcher searches for your business, you show in the Google My Business 3-Pack.

The bottom line is that all of this adds up to more people finding your business and becoming your customers/clients. This translates into more business and more profit for you!

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