How Google My Business Adds Legitimacy to a Company

If you’re looking to save some time, skimping out on your Google My Business profile isn’t the right move.

As the world’s top search engine, the great majority of online searches for businesses are hosted through Google. This is why Google developed Google My Business as another method of vetting businesses and getting the best information to their users.

Over time, people started to expect to see business profiles on GMB to appear in their searches – regardless if they’re searching on desktop, mobile, or maps.

When a business doesn’t appear in a search, it’s often an automatic disqualification even if that business is truly the best in their area. Here’s how Google My Business profiles add legitimacy to your business:

  • GMB displays your profile on the largest search engine in the world
  • GMB shows potential customers all of your vital business information
  • GMB allows potential customers to check your online reviews
  • GMB gives potential customers the opportunity to contact you or get directions through your profile

If your business doesn’t have a profile, or if that profile isn’t properly managed and optimized, that legitimacy can go out the window and potential customers may be pushed to look at your competitors instead.

Why You Should have a Google My Business Profile

As you can probably tell by now, having a great Google My Business profile can make a huge difference in how successful your business is online.

In most cases, your potential customers will come across your business’s Google My Business profile well before they’d ever land on your website! Without a GMB profile, you may not even show up for common searches like “Doctor Near Me” because Google has no good way of making that connection and ranking your business.

Furthermore, most businesses already have Google My Business profiles. Even if a business owner purposefully doesn’t create a profile, Google often uses information pulled from other platforms to automatically generate profiles. 

When you take that into account, it’s even more obvious why managing your Google My Business profile adds legitimacy to your business: in a sea of well-managed and frequently updated profiles, a barren profile for your business is not a good look.

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