No Voodoo or Snake-Oil Zone

Our Geo-spatial data is graphically illustrated on a map so you can visualize where you stand in the 3 pack rankings in micro geographies.((What a mouthful))

So let’s make this real now. The graphic above is how GMP Lift Off has helped a business improve it’s Google My Business effectiveness.

We send you a graphic like this every month, so you can see the progress made on YOUR Google My Business account.

Let me explain what this means in the simplest terms I know how.

At about the center of this grid is where your business is located. The whole square is where this business wants to attract customers from.((This can be modified to any scale, depending on your business)) When this graphic is mostly read you see the numbers being high. This is the businesses rand on Google My business at that time. Data is gathered regularly and you see the numbers going down. When the numbers are 3, 2, or 1, this business is showing the coveted “3 Pack” in that Micro Location((Micro-locations can be scaled form feet to miles, depending on your service area.)) the goal is to get all of your service area to a Green 1.

This is tech-heavy and very complicated on the back end, but here’s what it means to you in practical terms. If you watch the top left hand corner of the graphic, there is one dot that goes form 20 to 2. This means that if a person is Googling your type of business in that micro-location. Your Google My Business listing has gone from 20th place to 2nd place. Yes, you will get more business if you’re in 2nd place.

Google has been radically changing the way it delivers results for local queries to provide the “best” experience to their users. From this, we’ve seen, what we call, micro-geographies as a ranking factor being consider important in Google’s local algorithm.

To accomplish this we’re using a proprietary data gathering method (WE ARE NOT SCRAPING GOOGLE((That’s a big No, NO!))) and we visually show how you stack up in each Micro-Location area in your monthly report.

No Snake-Oil, No Voodoo. Just facts!